Residency Application
Accredited by PDS

The Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc. (SCFI) is one of the eleven residency training institutions accredited by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). It is the second residency training program to be approved by the PDS. The PDS, in turn, is the only specialty society for Dermatology accredited by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP).




The Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc. Dermatology Residency Program offers a unique combination of traditional training by managing patients in charity clinics supervised by faculty staff, as well as exposure early on to preceptorship with master dermatologists. Basic dermatologic training is obtained in the outpatient clinics, where patients are seen primarily by residents under the supervision of faculty members. Dermatology being a highly visual skill as well as an art in practice, the close supervision by preceptors and one-to-one teaching is a powerful tool that gives the resident a good sense of the holistic approach to dermatology practice.

Residents undergo a three year residency program leading to eligibility for diplomate status after passing the Philippine Board of Dermatology, and leading to certification and membership as a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). Maximum of 15 residents will be accepted. Two foreign medical graduates will be allowed acceptance in a three year period.

Dermatology training is organized into three separate rotations, each led by a senior resident. All teams spend approximately 4 months in each of the SCF clinical facilities: Quirino Memorial Medical Center, a government hospital that is open to all indigent patients. Ospital ng Makati, a charity hospital for residents of Makati City, and preceptorship rotations: with Dr Sylvia Jacinto, Dr Vermen Verallo-Rowell and Dr Nellie T. Yu. Over 18,000 outpatient dermatologic visits are recorded yearly. At charity hospitals, residents see patients during weekdays, and also attend to inpatient referrals with faculty staff.