Residency Application
Accredited by PDS

The Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc. (SCFI) is one of the eleven residency training institutions accredited by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). It is the second residency training program to be approved by the PDS. The PDS, in turn, is the only specialty society for Dermatology accredited by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP).



A Field Day

Bright and early on the first Saturday of June, the consultants and residents of the Skin and Cancer Foundation, Inc., happily welcomed Dr. Lawrence M. Field to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center. Known as the Father of International Dermatologic Surgery, Prof. Dr. Lawrence M. Field, MD, FIACS wore the “Huwarang Guro” (Noble Teacher) award on his neck, given to him at the PADSFI convention just a few days prior, with pride, and cheerily obliged to photo requests coming from star-struck and eager participants.

 Being a very hands-on mentor, Dr. Field started the day by personally evaluating all the patients who were to participate in the dermatologic surgery workshop, which was to transpire that afternoon. This further supported his philosophy on Dermatology being, first and foremost, a tactile field, not just a visual one. 

During his evaluation, Dr. Field found that the patient cases varied from Epidermal inclusion cysts and Acne scars to Acrochordons, Compound nevi and Pyogenic Granulomas. He walked the consultants and residents through the surgical management of each case, carefully enumerating the procedures, and graciously sharing his experiences with similar cases in the past. Always the type to keep his audience engaged, Dr. Field made sure to impart his wisdom with a sprinkle of jokes here and there. 



Over a hearty Filipino breakfast, Dr. Field lectures on resurfacing,incision site placement, tangential excisions, flaps and tumescent local anesthesia in surgical procedures such as liposuction. He shared a compilation of photographs of cases encountered in his many years as a professor and adermatologic surgeon at the Stanford University Medical Center and at the University of California, San Francisco. 

With half the day done, it was time for the dermatologic workshop to begin. During the workshop, Dr. Field tirelessly assisted all the senior residents (and even some consultants) with their individual cases, repeatedly emphasizing that it was the same manner he would perform each procedure with his own patients. 


After almost an entire day of learning from the best, the consultants and residents remained eager, but tired. Surprisingly, Dr. Field seemed to be the least tired in the group. Seeing this, our very own Dr. Cathy Chong asked him where he gets his strength. Without batting an eyelash, Dr. Field replied, “I love what I do.”

That explained it all - years of success and great work as a dermatologic surgeon, summed up in one sentence. Dr. Field’s passion for teaching, and eagerness to impart his wisdom and experience were evident in his nonstop lectures and workshops during his short visit to the Philippines. There is no doubt that he is the definition of a “Huwarang Guro”, and it is an honor and privilege to have learned from someone who is one of the best in the Dermatology field, and one of the most passionate as well. What a field day for SCFI, indeed!